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Quick videos with tips and tricks for GradeCam users.

Smart Sessions

Administrator-focused walkthroughs for getting the
most out of GradeCam.

January, 2021

Account Settings for Standards-Based Grading and Reporting

Learn how to easily manage settings within your account to track student progress and achievement with custom and existing standards-based scoring, reporting, and grade transfer.

November, 2020

Manually Adding Staff To Your Account

Learn how to add staff to your account who were not not part of your import (ex. an instructional coach who doesn’t have classes).

October, 2020

Student Portal Walk-Through

Explore options for successfully managing hybrid environments with assessments online, on paper, or both, while keeping your data together.

February, 2020

Managing Terms

Learn how terms and term padding affect your school or district GradeCam rosters.

January, 2020

Class & Teacher Groups

Learn how to quickly share out assignments with the teachers you select using Teacher Groups or classes you select using Class Groups.

November, 2019

Roster Imports

Learn how to create and add a roster import when setting up your school or district GradeCam account.

October, 2019

Managing Teachers

Learn how to review staff usage statistics, send invitations, and help reset passwords for teachers in your school/district.

September, 2019

Teacher Permissions

Learn how to set teacher permissions for your entire school or district, and how to allow teachers to opt-in to beta testing.