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Gradient by GradeCam is a tool teachers use to quickly create an assignment (assessment) answer key for the purpose of camera scanning or online delivery with students. Gradient enables instant feedback and easy grading, along with insightful reports for students and teachers.

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Self-Paced Learning Resources

Video Library: Topic based how-to videos
Gradient 101: 15-30 min webinars & recordings for trainers
Teach It Forward: 30-45 min webinars & recordings of teacher success studies
Tip Library: Level up your skills with quick tips to try or pass along

For more helpful resources visit the Training Hub.

Additional Resources for Leaders

If you need expanded permissions beyond your teacher access to do things like lead PLCs, help with sharing assignments, or serve as the point person for all things Gradient, read more below:

  • Welcome to Gradient for Leaders
  • Access Groups