Welcome to Gradient (Leaders)

Gradient by GradeCam is a tool teachers use to quickly create an assignment (assessment) answer key for the purpose of camera scanning or online delivery with students. Gradient enables instant feedback and easy grading, along with insightful reports for students and teachers.


Thank you for joining our GradeCam community and stepping up to lead the use of this tool in your school, district, or business. If you haven't already, let us know you're part of your Gradient School/District subscription by completing our contacts survey so that we know the role you serve on your leadership team, who to connect with for Product updates, and who should be copied on critical Support issues should the need arise. If you don't know much about us yet, please watch the short introductory video at the top of this article.

How Gradient Works

All teachers, staff, and leaders will have access to Gradient through the same login options and land on the same home page. All staff will be able to access students, classes, assignments, and reports based on rostering & access groups managed by the Gradient System Admin(s).

Gradient System Admin(s) designated during the Sales/Renewals process receive a Welcome Email with resources to schedule a System Admin training or consultation, rostering information, materials for training teachers, sample emails to send, and suggestions for ongoing use of our tools. Leaders consult with Customer Success Coaches, who are former teachers and leaders in schools, to get Gradient setup for success.

Navigation Tour

Watch this Navigation Tour or review the Admin Mode article for leader specific tips for navigating.

Training Resources

Training can be purchased for as little as $700 to get started or to reignite innovative expansion of the tools. There are also many self-serve, free training resources like:

  • Welcome to Gradient for Teachers - Help Center article with video and links
  • PDFs to view or print - Gradient Guide Pack
  • Bite-sized training modules for teachers with recordings - Gradient 101 Sessions
  • Topic-focused tutorials - Video Library
  • Ongoing Support

    Gradient leaders can schedule a consultation with their Customer Success Coach to review best practices for rolling out a new feature, resources for training, analyzing usage, or renewal steps. Our Support Team is also available via email at support@gradecam.com or via phone M-F from 7am - 2pm EST for those in the moment questions.

    Self-serve, free resources that can be helpful to expand usage throughout the subscription also include:

  • Smart Sessions: 15-30 min on-demand sessions for leaders on timely topics
  • Help Center: Search features or topics to get step-by-step directions
  • Tip Library: Level up your skills with quick tips to try or pass along