Set a time limit of for an online assignment through Student Portal. The timer will begin as soon as a student starts the assignment. Once the timer completes, if the assignment has not be turned it, it will automatically submit at the completion of the timer.

Add a Timer

Adding a timer to an assignment in the Student Portal will apply a time limit from the moment the student starts the assignment. The timer is continuous and can not be paused.

1. Select an assignment and Add to the Student Portal.

2. After adding classes or students, in the Turn In section select Show Settings.

3. By default, the Restrictions are visible. Select the option to add a time limit. Edit the amount of time if needed.

4. Select Save after adjusting any additional online access settings needed, such as adding Tools or changing Review settings.

View Assignment Activity with Timer

If a timer has been added to the assignment, there are some additional options when viewing assignments that are In Progress. Once a student has started the assignment, but not yet turned in, the teacher will be able to view In Progress activity.

1. Select the assignment and view the Responses tab. Adjust to view assignments In Progress using either the (1)icon on the toolbar or the (2)filter options under the scan window.

2. Toggle the Show Details to view more information on each student's progress. Since a timer is used, Due In will reflect the amount of time left on the timer.

For more information see the article on viewing details for assignments In Progress.

Reset a Timer

If a student needs additional time, teachers may reset the timer. Students will be given the time limit that was entered in the Online Access Settings.

1. Check the box next to student(s) and select Reset Timer from the toolbar.

Note: If the timer runs out and the assignment has been auto-turned in, the assignment will need to be Reopened. Once the assignment is reopened, the time limit from the settings will be applied.

Student View Using a Timer

Once a timer has been added to an assignment in the Student Portal, students will see notifications for the timer on the student dashboard and the assignment details screen. The timer does not start until the student selects Start Assignment.

After starting an assignment, a countdown timer will display on the screen. Students may (1)collapse the section if desired.

If a student exits the assignment, without turning in, the timer will continue. And the assignment will automatically submit at the end of the time limit. The timer is continuous and cannot be paused. Teachers may either Reset the timer or Reopen the assignment.