Texas STAAR Advanced Number Grid Questions


Number Grid items have students answer a question by filling in the numbers and symbols on a grid. All users can create basic grids where the columns are identical. School and district users can also use the advanced option to customize the columns.

Customn Columns: Custom column configurations enable you to easily create custom griddable layouts to match what a student might see on the state or other standardized tests. For example, if the standardized test includes 3 columns of numbers, followed by a decimal and 2 more columns of numbers, you can configure your GradeCam form to match.

Texas STAAR Advanced number grid

Select the "Assignments" tab.

Select the assignment name you want to change the format of the answer bubbles.

Check the box before each question you want to change the format of the answer bubbles.

Select the "Edit" button to open the item editor.

Select "Number Grid" from the Type field.

Select "Advanced" from the Column Configuration field.

Choose a STAAR question type from the "Custom Configuration" drop-down menu.

This will automatically format the columns to match the test selected.

Check the "Column Preview" image to make sure everything is formatted correctly.

Then, select the "Back" link to return to the question editor.

Type in the answer. A warning message will appear if the answer entered is not supported by the current column configuration.

Either change the answer or use the "Edit" link to make changes to the columns if needed.

If a range of answers is acceptable, type the "% Tolerance" and review the range of acceptable answers.

Note: If no tolerance is needed there must be a 0 in the field.

Weight the value of the item by editing the "Points."

Align the question to standards if desired.

Move to another question with the "Previous" and "Next" buttons or "Save" and "X" out of the window.