Form Scan in Teacher View

Form Scan for an assignment to score a printed form each student and see results instantly.

Note: If the teacher has printed forms specific to an assignment, the teacher is able to open the ‘Response’ window in any assignment and scan all assignment specific forms for any assignment. The form code or scan bar code on the form will allow the scanned forms to enter the scores into the correct assignment.

Scan in Teacher View

NEW! When in an assignment the 'Scan’ button is now called 'Responses’. Only the name has changed. Access to all student responses for the assignment which include both form scans and student portal submissions.

Select the "Assignments" tab.

Select the assignment name for which you want to scan the forms.
Note: Selecting the assignment name takes you directly to the 'Responses' tab.

Place the form under the camera.

View student results instantly.

Camera Troubleshooting See section on Troubleshooting. .