Gradient Teacher Premium

A Teacher Premium Plan (or free trial) subscription allows an educator to get a taste of what Gradient by GradeCam offers to schools and districts. When an individual teacher account is created, it is uniquely connected to the personal information entered by the individual and is not connected to a school or district database (for this reason, data and assignments can not later be merged into a school subscription or vice versa).

  • For some teachers, the Gradient for Teachers subscription perfectly meets their needs to work within their own classrooms and easily manage their own students and classes for grading purposes.
  • For many teachers, the Gradient for Schools subscription that relies on school-managed data for streamlined collaboration, data sharing, and integrations is the best option.
  • To learn more about the Gradient for Teachers subscription, read on below:

    How do I renew or upgrade Teacher Premium?

    30 days prior to a Teacher Premium (or Trial) subscription expiration, a countdown banner will appear in-app with a reminder to renew and a link to this article.

  • To renew or upgrade the plan navigate to the Account Menu (top right circle with your initials), choose Settings, select Plan.
  • Subscription Payment In-App

    Subscription Payment via PO

  • If your Teacher Premium subscription was paid for via PO, ask your school/district leader to email with your name and email to request a quote for a Teacher Premium renewal.
  • What happens if my Teacher Premium/Trial subscription expires?

    When a Teacher Premium (or Trial) subscription expires, the user will be downgraded to the Teacher Free plan with limited features:

  • Teacher Free users can only create basic assignments (multiple choice questions up to 50 questions or less) and scan forms. All other question type options are removed. Student portal options are also removed.
  • Teacher Free users can only access previously created assignments that fit the limited plan features
  • To determine which plan will work best for what you want to do, refer to the options listed for Gradient Plans.