Student Portal View with Timers

Student Dashboard

Due Soon - Student selects the assignment.

Start Assignment window
An overview of the assignment is displayed. This includes: Point Value, Due Date, Number of Questions, Class, Total Time for assignment, and Time remaining to complete.

Active Assignment
1) Information about the assignment.
2) Countdown timer
3) Collapse and Open sidebar with Timer.
4) Questions progress
5) Exit assignment will allow students to leave assignment but timer will not stop.
6) Turn In (Submit) assignment.

Timer Information for Students

The timer is continuous and cannot be paused.

The students can ‘Exit’ the assignment, but the timer continues to countdown. This can be viewed by the student in the 'Due Soon' overview of assignment,

The timer is displayed by default in the left pane. This pane can be minimized.

When time limit has been completed the assignment will automatically 'Turn In'.

The teacher can 'Reopen' a 'Turned In' assignment.
See Reopen Assignment