Specific Assignment with Generic Class


Print scan forms for an assignment that have do not have pre-filled student id numbers so that you can reuse the forms with multiple classes for a specific assignment.

Specific Assignment with Generic Class

Select the "Assignments" tab.

Select the assignment for which you want to print forms.

Select the "Forms" button.

The assignment name appears since you selected it prior to clicking the "Forms" button.

Leave the print setting on the default "Only for this assignment" since you are printing forms for a specific assignment.

In the Class field select "Print generic form for any class" so no names are printed on the form and an area is created where students can fill in their student id numbers.

Select the number of digits that are needed for the student id numbers to be filled in by the student.

Select the size, number of copies and fit for the form.

Select the "Generate" link.

Download the form as a PDF file or PNG image to print.
Note: For best results print on white paper. Laminate the forms and reuse them for multiple assignments by using dry erase markers.