Share Assignment to Teacher Group

This tutorial will focus on the Teacher Groups sharing permissions.

Overview of Permissions: When sharing an assignment, GradeCam has different sharing selections and permissions available. You are able to select to share assignments with a Teacher Group, aYou are then able to select the type of permissions they receive once the assignment has been shared. Details on these permissions in this section.
Note: This option is not available on free or paid single-teacher accounts. Please contact to upgrade to a school or district license.

Share to Teacher Group

Sharing with a teacher group allows teachers within the group access to the assignment.
Share assignments to teachers that do not have the same school assignment, but are within the same district. Teacher Group will need created by a GradeCam admin in the school or district.
Creating a Teacher Group Tutorial. Tutorial: Admin Teacher Group.
Note: The assignment will be shared to ALL members of the Teacher Group that an assignment has been shared with.

Tutorial: Share Assignments

In the 'Share' window, select the blue 'i'. (1)
"Explain Permissions" (2) to see additional information about permissions for each user.

Can administer and view class results: Teachers in this group can administer the assignment and view results for their own classes.
View reports: Teachers in this group can view results from this assignment for all students in their school(s).
Can administer and view school results: Teachers in this group can administer the assignment and view all results from their school(s).
Joint owner: Teachers in this group have the same access as the original author of the assignment including edit rights and sharing.

Search for the name of the 'Teacher Group' to share the assignment.

Select the permission level you want to grant and then select "Add".

Once the user is added you can change the permission level using the drop-down menu next to the user's name.

Note: Only the owner or joint owner of the shared assignment can edit the answer key. An assignment can be cloned and then edited by a different user. See the related article on cloning an assignment.

Edit a Shared Assignment Permissions

Once sharing and permissions have been added to a teacher, these can be edited including stop/remove sharing.

Open the 'Share Assignments' window. Select checkbox before assignment and from the toolbar, select 'Share'.

Locate the teacher to change permission.

Select from the permissions dropdown menu the permission, including 'Stop Sharing'.
Note: When sharing is stopped the teacher will no longer have access to the assignment this includes the date.