Share Assignments to Class Groups

Sharing to Class Groups allows non-rostered staff access to an assignment for the purpose of printing forms, scanning, and assigning online access to classes that are not rostered to them directly.

This article will focus on Class Group sharing options that serve as a workaround to providing non-rostered staff (test proctors, substitutes, and other support staff) access to classes for the purpose of delivering assignments.

NOTE: Creating Class Groups is a feature that is part of a Gradient for Schools & Districts subscription. Please contact to upgrade your subscription for this feature.

Share to a Class Group

Sharing to a class group is designed to allow administrators, teachers and/or other staff access to another teachers' classes for printing forms, scanning, and assigning online access. Class Groups can only be created by Gradient Leaders with membership to the System Admin or Instructional Leader access groups.

Using a Class Group should only be necessary if adding staff as co-teachers either manually or via the sync source (Clever/ClassLink) is not possible.

1. Within an assignment, an author (or joint owner) can select the drop down menu next to the Assignment Name to select Share Assignment.

Share Assignment

2. In the Share with section, find the class group by typing "class" or the group name, then select the class group you need.

Class Group Sharing

3. Select the Permission option you want to grant.
To learn more about Share Assignment options, select the blue i.

Reminder: In order for a staff member to manage class access to an assignment, the staff member will need to be provided sharing the sharing permission of Joint Owner along with the sharing for the Class Group. Completing this final step will allow the Joint Owner of the assignment to access all the assignment delivery options and classes within the group that the author of the assignment can access.

Use Cases for Class Groups

Common scenarios for Class Groups include:

  • Mock SAT delivered by staff other than the primary teacher
  • Long-term substitute teacher not rostered but needs access to previous assignments created by original teacher
  • Support Staff Model (for school subscriptions not using Clever/ClassLink) and not able to manually update classes to include co-teachers
  • Use our Quick Guide for Sharing as a resource for sharing to Class Groups.