Standards Settings

Each Gradient School/District and Teacher Premium plan subscriber can select a State Standards bank or create personal standards for use with their assignments. The standards will be available to link to questions within an assignment, visible in reports, and available for Grade Transfer.

Common standard banks available by default to School/District and Teacher Premium plan subscribers in the USA include:

  1. Advanced Placement Courses
  2. College and Career Readiness Standards (ACT)
  3. NGSS Standards (Arranged by Topic and DCI)
  4. Standards for Learning Languages
  5. National Core Arts Standards
  6. Common Core State Standards

Select State Standards in Gradient

Access Teacher Settings

Select Standards from the sidebar. Select your Country and State from the drop-down menus.

Import Custom Standards

If you are part of a School/District Gradient plan, you can request that your Gradient School/District Admin create custom standards available for all users in your subscription via an import.

Create Personal Standards

You can create personal standards to link to questions within your assignments.

From the Manage Personal Standards section, choose Add Standards

Complete each field. The Standard Code is required and will help you search for this standard later. When finished, select SAVE.