Plan Overview


01. Accessing Plans

1.1 Select "Settings" from your Account Menu.

1.2 Select "Plans" from the list of options on the left.
(1) Current Plan and links for upgrading.
(2) Purchase GradeCam if Individual Teacher account.
(3) Mobile Plan options.

02. GradeCam Plans

GradeCam plan options. Full-featured subscriptions GradeCam Gradient for Individual Teachers and School/Districts. We now offer a Mobile-only option, GradeCam Mobile Lite, and GradeCam Mobile Plus.
Note: See

2.1 GradeCam Gradient School/District (Desktop & Mobile App)

2.2 GradeCam Gradient Individual Teacher (Desktop & Mobile App)

2.3 GradeCam Mobile Lite (Mobile App ONLY)

2.4 GradeCam Mobile Plus (Mobile App ONLY)

03. Individual Teacher GradeCam Gradient account

3.1 Update Billing Information
Change payment source.

3.2 Billing History
Record of the payment transactions.

3.3 Stop Payments
Cancel GradeCam subscription by stopping payments at anytime.
This process downgrades your account to the free version during the unpaid months. No data will be lost. This can only be done by logging into your account through the browser. You can select this at any time you are not needing GradeCam. If you choose to start using the full version the at any time select “Upgrade”.

3.4 Refer to get free months
Navigates to the Settings Referrals window.

3.5 Have a promo code?
Add a the promotional code that has been provided.