01. Accessing Plans

1.1 Access Teacher Settings

1.2 Select "Plans" from the list of options on the left.
(1) Current Plan and links for upgrading.
(2) Purchase GradeCam if Individual Teacher account.
(3) Mobile Plan options.

02. GradeCam Plans

GradeCam has 4 plans. These include full-featured subscriptions GradeCam Gradient for Individual Teachers and School/Districts. We now offer a Mobile-only option, GradeCam Mobile Lite, and GradeCam Mobile Plus.
Please contact Clcik the More link at the bottom of each plan description to read about all features.

2.1 GradeCam Gradient School/District (Desktop & Mobile App)

2.2 GradeCam Gradient Individual Teacher (Desktop & Mobile App)

2.3 GradeCam Mobile Lite (Mobile App ONLY)

2.4 GradeCam Mobile Plus (Mobile App ONLY)