Performance Bands


Performance Bands can be customized so that the colors and cut scores used in certain reports appear using your preferences.

Note: School/District GradeCam licenses Performance Bands are created by the Admin. For Individual Teachers Performance Bands are created by the account user.

01. Customize Performance Bands

Note: You must have a minimum of two levels for a performance band.

1.1 Access Teacher Settings

1.2 Select "Performance Band" from the list of options on the left.

1.3 Use the "Add Another Range" link to add a cut score.
*Individual Users WIndow*

1.4 Type in the field to edit the name, abbreviation and range for any cut score.

Note: Adjustments are made to the lower end of the score and the range above will automatically adjust.

*Individual Users WIndow*

1.5 Select a new color for any of the cut scores from the drop-down menu.
*Individual Users WIndow*

1.6 Remove any performance band with the minus icon.
*Individual Users WIndow*

02. Performance Bands in Action

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