Grade Transfer

Transfer the grades to an electronic gradebook after scanning an assignment.

Configure Gradebook Transfer Settings in GradeCam

Customize settings for transferring student assignment data from GradeCam to your electronic gradebook program.

Access Teacher Settings

Select "Grade Transfer" from the list of options on the left.

Select the format student names appear in your grade book from the "Name Sorting" drop-down menu.
Note: This is a very important feature. The appearance of names in your student roster export in GradeCam must match the student roster formatting in your electronic gradebook program.

Select whether you want to include or ignore special characters.

Select how you move from one score field to the next in your grade book.

Select how quickly you want data to be transferred.
Note: Speed of transfer is a setting you will need to adjust based on your electronic gradebook.

Web Transfer Settings - Paste, Hot Key and Right Click
Note: These default settings are the recommended options for grade transfer.