Grade Transfer Settings

The Grade Transfer feature works for any teacher with “current” classes or students (as determined by term dates used in your rostering) and allows assignment grades to be quickly pasted into any online gradebook. To learn more watch the video below or read on.

Configure Gradebook Transfer Settings in Gradient

Customize settings for how students are organized within each class (last name sort, first name sort, student ID sort) and how the transfer feature works with your online gradebook.

To configure your Gradient settings for Grade Transfer access your Account Menu in the top right corner of your screen and select Settings.

  • Select Grade Transfer from the list of options on the left.
  • STUDENT SORT: Select the name sorting format that will match your online gradebook.

  • Choosing to sort by Student ID is often your best bet to account for how student names are recorded or sorted differently across platforms.
  • STUDENT NAME FORMAT: Spaces, apostrophes and hyphens in a name can change the sort order. Select whether you want to include or ignore special characters when students are sorted using first or last names.

    GRADE ENTRY: Match how Gradient "pastes" grades into your online gradebook with how you would manually enter them (move between scores down a column by hitting return, tab, etc.)

    SPEED OF ENTRY: Select how quickly you want data to be transferred.
    Note: Speed of transfer is a setting you will need to adjust based on your online gradebook and network performance.

    TRANSFER SHORTCUT - Paste, Hot Key and Right Click
    Note: These default settings are the recommended options for grade transfer.

    Next Steps

  • Install the GradeCam Helper

  • Determine what cutpoints will be used for grading by creating Performance Bands

  • Consider using Canvas and Schoology for assignment syncs to the gradebook instead of Grade Transfer