Account Menu & Settings

The Account Menu displays subscription information, your settings, permission-based features, and the option to log out. For more information about the Account Menu, read on below.

Account Menu

Navigate to the top right corner of Gradient and select the Account Menu circle containing your initials.

You may see more options within your Account Menu that you can navigate to if they are applicable:

  • Admin Mode
  • School Reporting Mode
  • School Subscription (if you are connected to one or more School plans and/or have navigated to a different area of Gradient)
  • Individual Subscription (if you used personal rosters for students and classes in the past)
  • Account Settings

    Navigate to the top right corner of Gradient, select the Account Menu and choose Settings. You will land on your Account Profile which displays your name as it has been setup via school-managed rosters, your password (entered by you when you accepted your login invite), and the organization (school) you are associated to. If you'd like to make changes, contact the Gradient System Admin for your organization.

    Note: The option to have a staff member associated to one or more schools or to roster staff, are features that are part of a Gradient for Schools & Districts subscription. Please contact to upgrade your subscription for this feature.

    From the SETTINGS you may also be interested in learning more about how to review your:

  • Plan
  • Email
  • Performance Bands (grading scales setup in Gradient)
  • Assignment Labels (to organize/folder your assignments)
  • Camera (settings for scanning on your device)
  • Forms (format options for printing forms for scanning)
  • Sounds (for customizing scanning sounds, especially fun for student scanning!)
  • Grade Transfer
  • Standards