Account Profile Delete

Account profile will allow you to customize, edit, and manage features in your GradeCam account. Teacher accounts will either be a school or district account or an Individual Teacher Plus account. In Account Profile, there are few differences between these two types of GradeCam licenses. Please click here for the Individual Teacher license screens.

01. Access Settings

Note: Account Profile window will be the default view.

1.1 Select "Settings" from your Account Menu.

02. Edit Name

2.1 Select "Edit" to change your name.

2.2 Make the desired changes and then select the "Change Name" link.

03. Change Password

3.1 Select "Change Password" to update your password. Note: Subscription area is for an Individual users.

3.2 Make the desired changes and then select the "Change Name".
Note: A brief change password message will appear in the upper right corner of the screen to confirm the password was successfully changed.

04. Join Beta

The Beta Group accesses the newest features and improvements before anyone else. Your feedback is important.

4.1 Select "Join Beta".

4.2 Read the Join Beta agreement and select "Join Beta" link.

05. Leave Beta

At anytime you can change your mind and opt out of being a Beta tester.

5.1 Select "Leave Beta" link.

06. Delete GradeCam Account

If you are part of a school/district account, you will not be able to delete the account.
Note: Deleting the GradeCam account will permanently remove all data. This cannot be undone!

6.1 Select the "Delete My Account" link.

6.2 Select the "Delete My Account" link on the confirmation page.