Account Profile

The Account Profile displays your name, password, and organization(s) you are associated with under a Gradient School/District subscription. Teacher Premium/Trial, or Teacher Free plans will not see an Organization listed as these subscriptions are not connect or managed at the school/district level.

Account Menu Settings

To locate Settings, navigate to the top right corner of Gradient and select the Account Menu circle containing your initials.

Choose Settings to access your Account Profile.

Edit Name

Select Edit to change your name as it appears in Gradient.

Make the desired changes and then save with the Change Name button.

Change Password

Select Change Password to update the password used on the login screen of

  • This action will not change your Google, Clever, or ClassLink password.
  • Make the desired changes and then save your updates with the Change Password button.
    Note: A brief change password message will appear in the upper right corner of the screen to confirm the password was successfully changed.

    Delete GradeCam Account

    This option allows Teacher Premium, Trial, and Teacher Free subscribers to remove all user, assignment, class, and student information from Gradient permanently.

    Select the Delete My Account button.

    Confirm that you want to proceed to Delete My Account and be prepared to enter your password to complete the process.