Score Teacher-Graded Questions

From the Responses tab within an Assignment, a teacher can score rubric and open response capture questions by typing points or by marking rubric bubbles.


By Question Scoring

This method works well for Open Response Capture or Rubric questions where viewing the whole class at once is helpful for consistent grading practices.

Select the By Question icon.

Select a question with point or rubric options.

Score all scanned or online responses for a single question.

  • Use the top left corner of the scoring window to drag or expand your viewing area.
  • Depending on your answer key setup and the question types used, enter points or bubble rubric scores for each response.
  • Select SAVE as you go before moving on.
  • Use the previous or next buttons to locate questions to score on the assignment. When you are finished scoring (1) select the Save and (2) the X to close the scoring window.

    By Student Scoring

    This method works well when a teacher has a complete student test in front of them to manually score or review all at once. It's also helpful if the test questions have dependencies where an auto-scored question is followed with an option to explain or justify a response.

    Select a student name from the list .

    To quickly identify questions that are rubric/points scored look for the blue highlighted sections.

    (1) Question 2 is a rubric question and (2) question 3 shows an open response capture question with a rubric which displays a scanned image or typed response. Press Save as you go before moving on to the next student or closing the scoring window.