Score Rubric Questions


Add scores for items that need to be manually scored using a rubric. 

01. Score Rubric Items on an Assignment

1.1 Select the "Assignments" tab.

1.2 Select the assignment name for which you want to enter scores.
Note: Your are automatically taken to the "Responses" tab.

1.3 Students with items that need manually entered rubric scores will have "Review" in the Missed column.

1.4 Rubric with capture area items may need additional processing time after form scanning before they are ready to be scored.

02. Method 1: By Question

2.1 Select the "By Question" button.

2.2 Select an item requiring rubric scoring.

2.3 This option allows you to score all scanned responses for a single question by selecting the score bubble for each student.

2.4 Use the previous or next buttons to locate other rubric-scored items on the assignment.

2.5 When you are finished entering scores select the "Save" button (1) and the "X" (2) to close the window.

03. Method 2: By Student

3.1 Select a student name from the list .

3.2 To quickly identify items that are rubric scored they are highlighted in blue.

3.3 Item 2 is a regular rubric item (1) and item 3 is a rubric with capture item (2) which displays a scanned image of the student's handwritten response.

3.4 Enter the rubric score for either type of item by selecting the bubble with the appropriate score.

3.5 Use the "Next" button to advance to the next student that needs to be scored.

3.6 When you are finished entering scores select the "Save" button (1) to save changes and the "X" (2) to close the window.