Setting up the LTI Integration in Schoology for GradeCam
• See Schoology Support – About External or LTI Tools
• Reach out to GradeCam Gradient Support at to set up the Schoology/GradeCam Gradient integration.

Overview of LTI Integration for GradeCam Administrators
To setup the integration, you will need to have system admin to access to Schoology as well as three pieces of information from GradeCam Gradient

  1. Consumer Key
  2. Shared Secret
  3. XML code snippet

01. Setup LTI Integration

In Schoology
1 - Click on Tools → School Management → Integration → External Tools
2 - Click “Add External Tool Provider” button.
In the 'External Tool Provider' window
a) Name your tool (GradeCam/Gradient).
b) Paste in the consumer key and shared secret from the email you received.
c) Privacy default of “send name and email/username of user who launches the tool” is correct.
d) Switch “Configuration Type” from Manual to URL/XML.
e) Paste in the XML snippet from the email.

02. Overview - Teacher GradeCam LTI Integration - Schoology

Tutorial Schoology Integration for Teachers