Gradient can be added to and used as an external tool from within the Schoology LMS. But it first must be added to Canvas. To set up the integration, you will need to have system admin access to both Schoology and Gradient.

For more information on setting up an LTI integration within Schoology see Schoology Support – About External or LTI Tools

Enable the integration in Gradient

Access Admin Mode with Gradient, then go to the Account Settings Menu.

In the Integrations section, turn on the LTI integrations for Canvas/Schoology. Copy the Key from within Gradient and place in the corresponding section within Schoology. Repeat these steps for the Secret and XML Code Snippet.

Details for LTI Integration Setup

In Schoology
1. Click on Tools → School Management → Integration → External Tools
2. Click “Add External Tool Provider” button.
In the 'External Tool Provider' window
a) Name your tool (GradeCam/Gradient).
b) Paste in the consumer key and shared secret copied from Gradient.
c) Privacy default of “send name and email/username of user who launches the tool” is correct.
d) Switch “Configuration Type” from Manual to URL/XML.
e) Paste in the XML snippet from the email.

Best Practices for Setting Up LTI Integration

Teacher access matches on:

  1. Email email address in LTI integration MUST MATCH email in Gradient.
    • If the teacher has not yet been linked to a school/district subscription, they will proceed to the “accept invite workflow”. Once accepted, they will be able to access GC from within LMS.
  2. If the emails do not match - user will receive an error message - “lti_errormsg”

Student access matches on:

  1. Student ID
  2. Student first name, last name, class
  3. If neither of those match, the student will reach the student portal login screen in Canvas and be prompted to enter their name and student access code (as if they were logging in directly via Gradient Student Portal). Completing this action will link the accounts going forward.

Important Notes
A student could still take a test logging directly into our student portal if they did not follow the above steps. If that happens, the scores will not sync back to Canvas because the link between the two has not been established.
Tests scanned on paper will not automatically sync to Canvas/Schoology.

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