Teacher Getting Started Guide

Access Rosters

Teachers that are part of a school/district plan, will have class and student rosters managed by a Gradient school/district leader. If classes and students do not appear as expected, try adjusting your filters or connect with your Gradient leader around rostering options available to leaders. If your Gradient leader cannot help you, feel free to email support via support@gradecam.com.

Beginning July 2022, teachers that have previously had to manually create their own classes or students will use school/district managed rosters, ask for an added Gradient permission to "add or remove district students from district classes", and/or use the Teacher Free version of Gradient (limited features) via their individual teacher subscription located within their Account Menu.

Create Assignments

Creating assignments is easy in Gradient! All you need is your original assignment in front of you with an answer key (and standard alignments if applicable). Try any one of the options below:

  • Review these sample keys to get ideas for what's possible
  • Select the Create an Assignment tile from the homepage and use the article Create New Multi-Question Assignment
  • Launch a guided tutorial once you're logged in, to walk through your first answer key
  • Collect Student Responses

    You have the option to collect student responses via form scanning and/or online access.

    Form Scanning

    1. From the homepage choose View Assignments and select the name of the assignment.
    2. Select the Forms icon and complete the fields for the type of form you want to print (see form options)
    3. Select Generate, then Download PDF to print.
    4. After students have complete their paper forms, use one of the scanning options available.

      Online Access via the Student Portal

      1. From the homepage choose View Assignments and select the name of the assignment.
      2. Select the Student Portal icon from the toolbar to Add Online Access for the selected assignment.
      3. Fill in the settings for the Turn In and Review windows. Select SAVE.
      4. Learn more by reviewing the article Student Portal Overview

    Review & Analyze Data

    After collecting student responses, there are a few tasks you may want to complete:

    1. Grade By Question
    2. Open your online gradebook and complete the Grade Transfer for each assignment by class
    3. Access Reports and Data Analysis Guides

    Next Steps

    There's so much more you can do as a teacher with a Gradient School/District plan.

  • Whether you're a long time fan of GradeCam or brand new to Gradient, check out what's possible for Getting Started
  • Take advantage of integrations (Canvas, Schoology, or a LockDown Browser) you may already be using
  • Work smarter, not harder by sharing assignments
  • Download PDFs for training & quick reference that walk through everything you need