Gradient for Schools/Districts


The renewal of a School/District Gradient subscription begins with a school/district leader requesting a renewal quote via this survey.

When do we need to renew?
Start the renewal process at least 30 days prior to the subscription expiration. Once the survey responses are received, a quote will be generated for the contacts listed. It can take the Renewals team up to a week to process the renewal after receiving a PO/payment (during busy season).

Where can I access resources around the renewal options?
School/District leaders can request a consultation via to evaluate staff usage, learn about plan options, and seek out training resources for the upcoming renewal year. Gradient Leader resources are available here.

What if my school/district does not want to renew?
At 30 days, a countdown banner appears in-app to give staff time to download data connected to assignments or print off answer keys if needed. For additional tips about the expiration process, read on below.

Expiration Process

When a school/district subscription expires, staff will not be able to login to Gradient unless they were previous Teacher Premium subscribers (converted now to Teacher Free) or signup for a Free Trial. All rosters, assignments, and data previously managed by a Gradient System Admin for the school/district subscription will be removed.

School/District FAQs

  • What features do I lose when the subscription expires? Learn more about your current plan features here.
  • Can individual Teacher Premium licenses be purchased by the School/District for teachers who want to continue? Yes, schools sometimes pay for individual Teacher Premium subscriptions for a limited number of staff. However, assignments and data created within the School/District subscription will not transfer to individual Teacher Premium subscriptions. Staff would be starting over or picking up from where they left off (if they previously purchased a Teacher Premium subscription).
  • Can assignments and data be restored if the Gradient for Schools/Districts subscription is renewed after the expiration date? There is a limited grace period to restore School/District subscription data after the expiration date.