Gradient for Schools/Districts


The renewal of a School/District Gradient subscription begins with a school/district leader requesting a renewal quote via this survey.

When do we need to renew?
Start the renewal process at least 30 days prior to the subscription expiration. Once the survey responses are received, a quote will be generated for the contacts listed. It takes the Renewals team 24-48 hours to process the renewal after receiving a PO/payment.

Where can I access resources around my renewal options?
School/District leaders can request a consultation via to evaluate staff usage, learn about plan options, and seek out training resources for the upcoming renewal year. Gradient Leader Resources are available here.

What if I do not want to renew?
At 30 days, a countdown banner appears in-app to give staff time to download data connected to assignments or print off answer keys if needed. For additional tips about the expiration process, read on below.

Expiration Process

When a school/district subscription expires, staff will not be able to login to Gradient unless they were previous Teacher Premium subscribers (converted now to the Teacher Free plan) or signup for a Free Trial. All rosters, assignments, and data previously managed by a Gradient System Admin for the school/district subscription will be removed.

Important Information

  1. With the Teacher Free plan, users will be unlinked from the School/District subscription. Teacher Premium of Teacher Free subscriptions will be separate individual plans, not connected to each other or their school. There will be no Gradient System Admin from the school or district to manage the accounts, rosters, or shared data.
  2. Each Teacher Free plan user will be able to create basic multiple choice assignments with 50 questions or less and scan printed forms.
  3. Each Teacher Free & Premium user will lose the ability to share assignments and access assignments that have been shared during the school/district subscription.
  4. Teacher Free & Premium users will lose any School/District managed classes and students. Each teacher will need to manually create their rosters if they were previously using school/district managed rosters. This means students will also have separate online access codes per teacher using Gradient.