Scanning Forms

Scan assignment forms using your phone, a webcam, document camera, or mobile device to score and see results instantly.

  • Prior to scanning make sure to check your camera settings for the device being used to scan or to download the apps for your phone/iPad (iOS or Google).
  • Set yourself up for success by pre-reading form printing best practices to avoid common errors that result in scanning issues down the road.
  • Scan in Teacher View

    When scanning forms in teacher view, all student responses will be visible on the screen to review immediately. Teacher view is available when scanning from a computer or laptop.

    1. Select the assignment name for which you want to scan the forms.
    Note: Selecting the assignment name takes you directly to the assignment Responses tab.

    2. Place the form in the camera view. And view results instantly!

    Scan in Student View

    Let students scan their own forms for an assignment to see their results immediately or use your phone/iPad to scan in Student View.

    1. Select the assignment name for which students will be scanning forms.
    Note: Selecting the assignment name takes you directly to the 'Responses' tab.

    2. Select the full screen icon in the top right corner of the scan window or click Scan from the toolbar.

    3. Students scan their form and can view their results at the bottom of the window.

    Press the space bar to clear the scan and results from the view.

    4. Select the X to return to the Responses screen.

    Troubleshooting & Best Practices

    A good rule of thumb for seeking out support is to gauge who might be your best resource based on the issue you are experiencing.

  • If you are experiencing a scanning issue and none of your colleagues have the same issue, it is likely a form or device specific problem. Your IT team or even your colleagues can likely help by allowing you to try their device or checking your specific device for camera settings or browser requirements.
  • To rule out a device issue, any Gradient Leader on your campus can HelpDesk into your account and scan for you if you're in a pinch.
  • Sometimes our Support team gets reports of "missing" data after scanning. This often happens at the change of a term or grading period. Remember to check the filters on the left side of the Responses tab if you feel like you're missing student responses that you've scanned.
  • Our GradeCam Support Team ( can also help if we have the name of the assignment, a clear picture of the form that isn't scanning, and a description of the scanning method you're attempting.