Form Scan in Student View


Let students scan their own forms for an assignments to see their results immediately.

Form Scan in Student View

NEW! When in an assignment the 'Scan’ button is now called 'Responses’. Only the name has changed. Access to all student responses for the assignment from form scans and student portal submissions.

Select the "Assignments" tab.

Select the assignment name for which you want to scan the forms.
Note: Selecting the assignment name takes you directly to the "Responses" window.

Open the 'Responses' window.

  • Option 1: Select the "Scan" button on the menu bar to open the scan window.App"Placement
  • Option 2: Select the full screen icon in the top right corner of the camera window.“App

Students then scan their form for an assignment and view their results at the bottom of the window.

Press the SPACE BAR to clear the scan and results.

Click the "Back" arrow to exit student form scan mode.

Camera Troubleshooting See section on Troubleshooting. .