Rubric/Points Questions

Rubric/Points Questions are scored by the teacher after student responses have been scanned or submitted online. Teachers have the option to use a rubric scale with a multiplier or to assign specific points. This question type is great for performance-based skills and activities. Use teacher feedback to provide specific information to students about the scoring.

Note: When assigning online, any Rubric/Points questions will display the message “Teacher will assign points”. No student responses are entered using this question type, but teachers can assign a score based on an in-class activity or score for a task completed in another program.

Create Rubric/Points Question

Start with a Multiple-Question Assignment and then edit questions to use the Rubric/Points question type on your answer key.

1. From the Keys tab, select the question to open the question editor window (or check the box next to the question to Edit via the toolbar).

2. Adjust the question type to Rubric/Points.

3. Select a scoring method, Using a Rubric Scale or By Assigning Specific Points.

4. After adjusting scoring method, Save and Close.

Use Next and Previous to navigate to other questions to edit as needed.

Select a Scoring Method

Using a Rubric Scale

When using a rubric scale for scoring, a scale of 0-9 is set and may use a multiplier. When using the rubric scale, after collecting responses, teachers will score by selecting the bubble to assign a score for the student's response.

1. After selecting Using a Rubric Scale, set the scale to be used (0-9).

2. Optional: Adjust the multiplier. For example, if scale is 01234 and the multiplier is 0.5. If 3 is selected a score of 1.5 will be assigned.

Assigning Specific Points

When using specific points, a max score is set. When entering points after collecting responses, teachers may type in a value, including partial points, such as 3.5 points, or points above the max value (calculated as extra credit beyond the assigned max value).

1. After selecting Assigning Specific Points, set the max score.

2. Optional: Use the Question header for any specific instructions on form or online question area if needed.

Note: There is a 500 character limit on question headers.