Roster Synchronization FAQ

How Does Roster Sync Work?

To successfully sync rosters with Gradient, your organization can work with Clever or Classlink to send a file from the Student Information System (SIS) which contains the necessary staff/student/class data.

  • The file needs to contain information about each class to be created/updated, and this information includes term, school ID, class name, class id, class period, student first, student last, student ID, and teacher first, teacher last and a teacher email address.
  • The file would be extracted from the SIS on a routine basis and synced to Clever or Classlink to send nightly to Gradient.
  • Once the initial file has been generated, a Gradient System Admin can import it through a Combined Import
  • Does GradeCam support roster synchronization?

    If your SIS system can export reports nightly and there is a team member that can manage a script to pull the data required for Gradient, then GradeCam can automatically import your roster information each night. This enables a nightly sync between your SIS and GradeCam.

    How do I export the report from my SIS?

    Every SIS is different.  If the your team is unsure of how to export a report from your SIS, contact the SIS representative for support.

    What file format should the export be?

    Any of the following formats will work:

    Comma Delimited (.CSV)
    Tab Delimited (.TSV)
    Microsoft Excel® (.XLS or .XLSX)

    Can I sync Staff or Students independently?

    GradeCam supports synchronization of Staff and Student information independently or combined with the roster data. Contact our Support Team by emailing, if you need help creating an import file.

    What happens when a new staff member is added via the sync?

    When a new staff member is added via the sync process, the system admin will need to manually send an Invitation email to the newly added staff member.  After the staff member has accepted the invitation, roster data provided by the sync process will appear in the staff member’s GradeCam account.

    I was asked for a unique identifier. What is a unique identifier?

    Imagine a VIN number on a blue Mustang. You might see three blue Mustangs drive by, but if you checked the VIN number, you could always verify the identity of the car. Unique Identifiers are like VIN numbers. For Student IDs this would be a district ID given to each student. Staff members can have a staff ID which is optional. Sections would be identified by class IDs or another identifier unique to each class. School IDs are required for any data file import.

    What unique identifier do you recommend using for students?

    A student ID is the best unique identifier for students. These cannot be reused later. The ID will be retired like Michael Jordan’s jersey number. Each student included in the synchronization file must have a unique identifier. This is usually a district identifier assigned to the student.

    How can I see the last import that has been processed by GradeCam?

    Each import processed will be listed in admin mode under Import Details. If an expected import is not listed there, please verify that the daily export from your SIS is functioning.  If your import is listed and errors have been identified by GradeCam, please address the issues. The file that was uploaded is not available for viewing.