From Admin Mode, the Account Menu Settings display an option for restrictions that a district Gradient System Admin can apply to staff and/or student login methods. A variety of login methods are available to staff as a default. To restrict the login options, enable the requirement for login via Single Sign On (SSO).


The default login methods are described here. By enabling the requirement to use SSO, staff and/or students will be required to use either the Clever, Classlink, or Google SSO buttons to login.

From Admin Mode, go to the Account Menu and choose Settings.

  • Select Restrictions
  • Once this restriction is enabled, staff will no longer be able to enter their email and password as a login method.
  • Staff will also not be able to use the Forgot Password link to reset their login method.
  • Gradient Leaders will also no longer see or need the option to invite staff
  • Login Error Message for Restriction

    Once the Requirement for SSO is enabled, staff or students who attempt to type in their email or password to login will be prompted as follows.

    To be proactive about the district's preferred method of SSO login, Gradient Leaders may re-purpose our staff email template or student portal guide with login tips.