Lockdown Browser – Respondus Setup

The Respondus LockDown Browser is now a restriction available for GradeCam’s Online Student Portal for Gradient School/District subscribers. Teachers can now choose to lock down the testing environment for assignments. The LockDown browser in GradeCam is created by and licensed for FREE use from Respondus . Using this LockDown Browser prevents students from accessing other applications, copying and pasting to and from the Student Portal, and navigating to another URL. When a student begins an assignment in the LockDown Browser, they are locked into the assignment until the assignment has been turned in or the assignment window has ended. LockDown Browser is particularly suited for proctored quizzes in a lab or classroom.

Download and Installation
Currently supported devices – Mac, PC , and Chromebook computers.
The downloads and installation are meant to be accessed by the district or site technology coordinators.
All devices students will use must have the LockDown browser installed.

GradeCam Online Student Portal
To learn more about GradeCam’s online student portal for assignments, view a short video Student Portal Quick Start for Teachers or the Create Online Access support article.

Device Specifications

- Computers running Windows XP or later
- Mac OS X 10.4 or later
- Chrome OS
Note: iPads or other mobile devices are not supported for installation or use of the LockDown browser.

Download the LockDown Browser installation file

Note: The links included in this section are specific to using Respondus LockDown browser with GradeCam application. These links are the only supported versions for use with GradeCam.

Select the the appropriate installation for the device the Respondus LockDown will be installed
the Windows


  1. Windows - Student Edition (requires admin rights): Download
  2. Windows - Lab Edition (does not require admin rights):Download
  3. Windows - Lab Edition (MSI installer for managed installs): Download

Mac OS

  1. OS X - Student and Lab use: Download
  2. Double-click the downloaded zip archive to extract the LockDown Browser installation file

Chrome OS

  1. Chrome: Installation Instructions.

Run the LockDown Browser installation file and follow the instructions.

Testing the LockDown Browser

To ensure the LockDown browser is installed correctly, click or copy and paste the URL
ldb1:zp:0:%5B4WMUvyuD07fiyT1GD2ShAFvRQ/lZSD1WNw1DY0nAN7+xBowHGKPaoiXi3zr+Gafq%5D into any browser address bar. If installed correctly, the URL should open the LockDown Browser and display the Respondus website. You may be prompted to authorize launching the application or terminate any blacklisted applications. If you experience any difficulties, visit the Respondus website for troubleshooting steps here.
Special Note: LockDown Browser may continue to run on older operating systems, but students could encounter unexpected results. Please see detailed browser requirements from Respondus here.