Report Tips and Tricks

Check out these tips to use when viewing, downloading, or printing reports.

Sort Data

Change the order in which data is viewed using column headers.

  • The column headers in each report can be selected to sort the report in ascending or descending order.
  • Favorite Reports

    Create a Favorites category for quick access to your most-used reports.

    1. Locate one of your favorite reports.
    2. Select the star next to the report name.

  • A Favorites category will be added to the REPORTS sidebar with each starred report.
  • Drill Into Data

    The Drill Into icon should appear when you have selected one or more items for comparison by placing a check in the box next to each item.

    1. As an example, if you wanted to view student performance on more than one assignment, you would check the box next to the assignments that you'd like to compare.
    2. Select the Drill In icon to make the selected items your filters to use for viewing all other reports.

    Some examples of ways to drill in are listed below:

  • Filter the report by using the checkboxes nexts to students, classes, teachers, or schools to limit your view of the data to only the selected items.
  • Compare student performance across two or more assignments that covered similar content. This works well for Pre/Post test comparisons, formative assignments that focused on the same skill or standard, or to look at standards over time.
  • Hover

    Hover over report visualizations to reveal student or performance data.

  • In the Class Overview report, hover over the black down arrow to reveal the class average for the selected assignment.
  • Class Overview

    Configure Reports

    Each report has its own configure options for viewing, downloading, and printing the report. Some of the most used configure options are displayed below:

    Configure reports to Hide student names and score.

    Configure Hide Student Names

    Configure the Student Exam Report to Show correct answers and max points and/or Only show questions with less than max points.

    Configure Show Correct Answers

    Configure reports to display scores as Percent with Performance Bands and/or Performance Band Abbreviation for standards-based or rubric-based analysis of performance when "percent" scores aren't relevant.

    Percent with Performance Bands