Renumber Questions on an Assignment

Renumber Questions on an Assignment

Select the "Assignments" tab.

Select the assignment name for which you want to change the numbering.

Select the "Keys" tab.

Check the box before the first question on which to change the number.

Select the "Edit" button to open the item editor.
Edit the "Question" label using up to four characters.

Determine if you want to renumber the subsequent questions.
Note: Select the "i" icon for additional information. Renumbering only works if you are using whole numbers for the question label.

Move to another question with the "Previous" and "Next" buttons or "Save" and "X" out of the window.

Idea for Use: Two-Part Questions

Different ways to number a two-part question.

Example 1: All multiple choice options for parts one and two

Example 2: Part one of question is multiple choice and part two is a rubric/points item.

Idea for Use: Two-Section Assignments

Assignments with different sections of questions.

Example 1: An assignment with 3 multiple choice questions and 2 true/false

Example 2: An assignment section 1 two multiple choice questions and 1 open response capture questions. Section 2 one multiple choice question and one open response capture questio