Remove Student from a Class


Removing a student from a class there are two case scenarios.

1) Individual Teacher Accounts: Students can be removed from a class whether the student was added manually or imported with a file.

2) Teacher Accounts connected to schools/districts: Is a school/district is syncing data (students, classes with student rosters), if you remove a student from a class when the overnight sync occurs, the student will be rostered to the class. Removing students from classes is NOT recommended.

01. Remove a student from a class.

1.1 Select the "Classes" tab.

1.2 Select the class in which the student you want to remove is located..

1.3 Check the box in front of the student you want to remove. .

Note: You can select multiple students and delete them all at once.

1.4 Select the "Remove" button that appears..

1.5 Select "Remove" from the confirmation screen..

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