Print Credit/Score Forms


Print score forms to be reused by the same student for credit or score assignments.
Note:This option is not available on free single-teacher accounts. See the related article on how to upgrade to a paid single-teacher account.

Print Credit/Score Forms

Select the "Forms" button.

Leave the "Assignment" field blank for a generic form.

Select the "Class" for which you want to print forms or choose generic to use with multiple classes.

If you select "generic for any class" the students will need to fill in their student id numbers each time they use the form.

If a class is selected the "Student" field appears to select if you want to print a pre-filled form for all students or one specific student.

Select "Credit/Score" from the Form type options.

Select the number of "Student ID digits" that are needed on the form for students to fill in their student id number.

If a student id number is shorter than the total number of digits available on the form, make sure the student right justifies when they bubble in their id numbers and leaves the blank spaces on the left.

Select the size, number of copies and fit for the form.

Select the "Generate" link.

Download the form as a PDF file to print.

For best results print on white paper. Laminate the forms and reuse them for multiple classes by using dry erase markers.