Partial Credit for Questions


Assign different point values to assignment questions.

Assign Questions Partial Credit Point Values

Select the "Assignments" tab.

Select the assignment name for which you want to change question point values.

Select the "Keys" tab.

Check the box before each question you want to change point values.

Note: Only multiple choice, true/false and numeric grid items have point values. Rubric scored items use a multiplier to weight the rubric.

Select the "Edit" button to open the item editor.

Change the numeric value of the points.

Select "Save" (1) and "X" (2) out of the window.

Partial Credit Scenerios

1. One Correct Answer

For items with only one correct answer you can select the answer and adjust the points that will be awarded if the correct answer is selected.

In this example C would need to be selected to receive three points.

2. Two Correct Answers - Full Credit for Both

If you select more than one answer all answers must be selected to be awarded the full point value and no partial credit is available.

In this example both A and C would need to be selected to receive two points.

If only A or only C were selected no points would be awarded.

3. Two Correct Answers - Full Credit for One

In some instances, you might want to give partial credit where one point is awarded for answering A or C.

The Add Another Answer option gives you the ability to assign partial credit values to each answer.

This example shows that the answer A is worth a point and C is worth a point.

If only one of the two options are selected one point will be awarded.

4. Two Correct Answers - Full Credit for Both & Partial Credit for One

The max score displayed under the points column indicates the maximum number of points a student could receive for the question and is helpful in finding creative ways to score.

In this example a student would get two points for answering both A and C.

If they only chose A or C they would get 1 point.