Overview of Rostering

Currently, GradeCam provides nightly automation with Clever and SFTP file for schools/districts to manage their GradeCam account that will update the classes, students, teachers and terms. This will allow for updates to be seamless and classes/students for the current term. The staff will not need to manually update classes and students in teacher mode.

Syncing rosters will allow for generating school-wide reports for building administrators, department chairs, guidance counselors or other staff that will need access to student data.

View Roster Synchronization FAQ for additional reference.

01. Clever

GradeCam has an integration with Clever. If your district is using Clever, please notify your district IT that you would like to share roster data to GradeCam via Clever. The GradeCam application can be set up either by the district requesting the application or by GradeCam inviting the district to begin the set up process.

Reference the Clever-GradeCam-Setup-Guide.

If your district has not been set up with Clever, get started by going to Clever Sign Up.

02. SFTP Data File

GradeCam roster synchronization works by importing a data file generated by the school/district student information system (SIS) into GradeCam every night (or frequency determined during set up).

After a combined import has been completed and classes have been populated, GradeCam will provide a script that will complete the SFTP sync set up.

See all instructions to get started by going to Student Information Sync Set-up.