Overview of Reports

Reports can be viewed by selecting a specific assignment and selecting the Reports tab. Or a user can select View Reports from the home screen or the sidebar navigation and then select any assignment that has been shared to them or that they have authored.

Some reports, like Teacher or Demographic reports are only available to users that are a part of a school/district Gradient subscription.

Reports Overview

By default, the landing page for reports is the Score Graph. From this report, a staff member can get a general idea of performance on the assignment(s) and basic statistics on the group of students they have access to. All reports with Gradient are filtered to display data based on rostering access of the staff member viewing the report and current terms.

In the top right corner of the report, the default filters are set to show data for the following:

  • Student Progress = Turned In
  • Class = My Classes (as designated by the rostering source)
  • Term = Current Terms (based on dates for terms from the rostering source)
  • If data does not appear as expected, adjust the filters accordingly or check how the assignment was shared by the author.

    Report Navigation

    Use the sidebar navigation on the left to expand the Reports menus and view available reports and custom demographic information.

    Report Navigation

    All reports can be viewed as a list view for Students, Classes, Teachers, and Schools with:

  • An Overview with total or average scores (as applicable)
  • A By Question analysis
  • A By Standard analysis (if standards were added to the questions on the key)
  • A Lowest Standard analysis (if standards were added to the questions on the key)
  • Report Options

    Each report selected will have performance band and configure options that can change the view or printed output of the report. The most popular configure settings are for:

    Item Analysis - configure to "Hide student names and scores" so that the data can be displayed or shared with the class without revealing student information..

    Item Analysis

    Students Exam Report - configure to "Only show questions with less than max points" to shorten the reports sent home.

    Student Exam Report

    Training Resources for Data Analysis

    There are many training resources available to staff interested in learning more about Gradient reports:

  • Download PDF Guides for Coaching Data
  • Visit the Gradient 101 sessions for on-demand recordings (all under 15 min) to review in a PLC or meeting
  • Visit the Smart Sessions for Leaders to get trainers or instructional leaders up to speed
  • Purchase a PD Package for remote or live training