Overview Multiple-Question Assignment

ProTip: Multiple-Question Assignments can be assigned to the Online Student Portal.
Note: For a step by step tutorial on how to create a Multiple-Question Assignment. See the related article to upgrade to a Teacher Premium account.

Edit Multi-Question Assignment for different Question Types.

There are 7 unique question types for Multiple-Question Assignments

Auto Graded Items question types will automatically scored.
1 – Multiple Choice
2 – True/False
3 – Number Grid
4 – Numeric

Teacher Graded Items question types marked reviewed in scans window to be manually graded by teacher.
1 – Rubric/Points
2 – Open Response Capture

Multiple Choice

Multiple choice questions are automatically scored. Questions can be full or partial points. The ‘bubble’ options can be customized by either relabeling or changing the number of choices. Multiple choice question type is the default question type for Multiple-Question Assignments.

View the Multiple Choice Questions tutorial

Examples of different multiple choice question options.


True/False questions are automatically scored. The ‘bubble’ options can be customized.

View the True/False Questions tutorial

Examples of different True/False question options.

Number Grids

There are three types of Number Grid questions that can be used: Basic Number Grid, Advanced Number, and Texas STAAR Advanced Number Grid. Number Grid items have students answer a question by filling in the numbers and symbols on a grid.

Basic Number Grids: the columns are identical. Basic Number Grid Questions tutorial

Advanced Number Grids: the columns can be customized. Advanced Number Grid Questions tutorial

Texas STAAR Number Grids: If using the Texas state standards there are additional options that align the columns to the STAAR Test. Texas STAAR Number Grid Questions tutorial


Rubric questions are scored by the teacher filling in the bubble associated with the student’s score. The ‘bubble’ options can be customized.

View the Rubric Question Tutorial.

Open Response Capture

Rubric with Capture Area items have a customized area for the student to write his/her answer using either lines or a grid. These items are rubric-scored by the teachers.

View the Open Response Capture tutorial.