Account Settings Overview


An admin will determine and set global parameters for the GradeCam account within the account settings by creating performance bands, setting the academic year, determining the length of term padding, teacher permissions for editing classes and students and user interface for the school/district account.

Note: This option is not available on free or paid single-teacher accounts. Please contact to upgrade to a school or district license.

Before beginning, make sure you are logged into Admin Mode.

Within Admin Mode, select “Settings” from the Admin menu.

Performance Bands:
Customizable performance bands can be used to group student achievement into teacher-determined ranges for quick analysis and actionable feedback! Read More…

Performance bands are the teacher’s tool for quick and accurate student data analysis. Read More…

Customized performance bands in Reports Read More…

View how to Create District Performance Bands.

Academic Year:
Classes and terms need to be unique from year to year. To prevent the reuse of classes and terms from year to year, roster imports are suspended when the academic year ends. Once the admin adjusts the end date of the academic year for the new school year, the new rosters will be updated in the school/district account.

View how to set the Academic Year.

Term Padding:
Values set for term padding will determine how many days terms are considered part of the “current term” before they start and after they end.

View how to set the Term Padding.

Teacher Permissions:
These permissions allow the admin to regulate what teachers can do with the imported classes and students in those classes that are “owned” by the school or district. By default these options are turned off not allowing teachers to edit district-owned classes or students. Teachers will still be able to create their own classes and add their students outside of “owned” rosters if they want, but those classes will not be visible to the admin nor will they “sync” if it is a sync school account

See how to set Teacher Permissions.

User Interface:
Allow users to join the GradeCam beta group. This would be a global setting for the whole school/district account. Individual users do have the ability to join the beta group within their own account.

Google Classroom:
Allow classes import from Google Classroom. If you enable Google Classroom class import, teachers using a(n) email address will be able to import classess and students from Google Classroom into GradeCam. (Note: Imported data will be unique to each teacher, not shared within the school/district account. Data may be duplicated if multiple roster sync/import mechanisms are used simultaneously.