Obtain Student Access Codes

Select the "Classes" tab.

Select the "Classes" tab.

Select the class(es) for which you need student access codes.
Note: You can select more than one class.

Select "Access Codes" on the menubar.
Note: Student Access codes are static and will remain the same.

Student Access codes are listed to the right of the student names.
Important: If your GradeCam Gradient account is a school or district license the student login code is the same for all classes.
Important: If your GradeCam Gradient account is a individual teacher license, student login codes are for only this account. Example: Several teachers in the same school have GradeCam Gradient Individual teacher account. These teachers share the same students, the students will have a different student login codes for EACH teacher.

You have the option to "Print" or "Export" the codes in Excel or CSV formats.

The printed sheet can be easily cut into strips and distributed to students. Whereas, the exported files could be used to do a mail merge to send an email to each individual student with their login code.

Note: Students do not need a GradeCam Go! account to access their student portal.

Select the "Done" link to exit the screen.