Observational Assignment


Create an observation-based assignment to write in the students’ scores on the forms for instant handwritten recognition while scoring. Can be used to evaluate performance, a product, or a project.

01. Overview Observational Assignment

The teacher hand writes scores on a single form for all students in a single class then scans to assess up to 6 criteria.

What is an Observational form?
Often times an educator needs to capture data about an assignment or diagnostic test without students actually filling in the scan form. The example used below is a primary grade teacher administering a three-part reading inventory to capture the student's book level, comprehension score, and word recognition score.

02. Example of Observational Assignment

In this example, a music teacher easily scores four criteria for each student on a four-point rubric, then scans one time to record the grades for an entire class.
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03. Create an Observational Assignment

3.1 Select the "Assignments" tab.

3.2 Select the "New" button and choose "Observational Assignment" from the drop-down menu.

3.3 Type a “Name” for the assignment, enter the number of items (criteria) in the “Items” section. Select a “Date” for the assignment. Then Select “Save”.
Note: Number of items can be between 1-6.

3.4 Select a "District Performance Band" (1) if desired and then click on the "Save" button (2).

3.5 Select the box before the item (1) and select the "Edit" button (2) to open the item editor.

3.6 Edit the label of the item (up to 50 characters).

3.7 Set the Max number of points for the item (up to 999).

3.8 Align the item to standards if desired.

3.9 Select the "Next" link to edit the remaining items.

3.10 When complete select Save (1) and close the item editor by selecting the black X (2).

3.11 Select the "Forms" button.

3.12 Select the "Class" for which you want to print forms.

3.13 Select the "Generate" link.

3.14 Download the form as a PDF file or PNG image to print.

Note: For best results print on white paper.