Observational Assignment

Overview Observational Assignment

What is an Observational form?
An Observational assignment generates a single form for a specific class to collect handwritten scores with up to 6 defined criteria. The form is printed with a row for each student in the class with columns to write a score for each criterion. This assignment type can be used to evaluate performance, a project, and the progress of students.
ProTip: Observational Assignments cannot be assigned to the Online Student Portal.

The video demonstrates how to create an Observational assignment to assess students on a 'STEM Science Fair" project.

Note: This option is not available on Teacher Free accounts. See the related article to upgrade to a Teacher Premium account.

Observational Assignment Ideas

This example is how a music teacher easily scores four criteria for each student on a four-point rubric, then scans one time to record the grades for an entire class.
Other suggestions for use of Observational Assignments:

  • Student Presentations
  • Portfolios
  • Theater Arts performances
  • Fair and Exhibit projects (Science Fair)
  • Observational Reading skills
  • Speech and Debate
  • Art Project
  • Capstone projects

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Create an Observational Assignment

Select the “Create Assignment” tile.

Select "Observational Assignment" from the new assignment.

In the New Observational Complete the required fields: “Assignment Name”, “Items (1-6)” for the number of items (criteria), “Date”. Then select “Save”.

Select the box before the item (1) and select the "Edit" button (2) to open the item editor.

Complete each field.

  • • Edit the label of the item (up to 50 characters).
  • • Toggle on/off Extra Credit.
  • • Set the Max number of points for the item (up to 999).
  • • Align the item to standards if desired.

Select the "Next" link to edit the remaining items.

When complete select Save and close the item editor by selecting the black X.

Note: After the selecting 'Save' the 'Item 1, Item 2,... will change.

Print an Observational Assignment

Select the "Forms" button.

Select the "Class" for which you want to print forms.

Select the "Generate" link.

Download the form as a PDF file or PNG image to print. PDF is the recommended file type for download and print.
Note: For best results print on white paper.

Record Scores for an Observational Assignment

Scores are handwritten into criteria columns for each individual student. For best scanning results write a score for each criteria for every student.

Select the assignment name for which you want to scan the Observational assignment form.
Note: Opening an existing assignment takes you directly to the 'Responses' tab.

Scan the Observational Assignment form.
When scanning, to ensure the full form is captured, the top and bottom form identifier must be in view of your GradeCam camera preview window.

View individual student results instantly.
In the Response Window, scores for each student will be displayed and each student's scores may be reviewed by selecting the student’s name.
Note: Each criteria defined is a single question.