Numeric Questions

Numeric questions allow students to handwrite their answer on the paper form or type it online. Responses are auto-graded based on the answer choices provided on the key.

Note: Allowed characters for the numberic question include: 0123456789.-/. If an answer is a combination of a number and a label, such as 160 feet, use the Fill in the Blank question type.

Create Numeric Question

Start with a Multiple-Question Assignment and then edit questions to use the Numeric question type on your answer key.

1. From the Keys tab, select the question to open the question editor window (or check the box next to the question to Edit via the toolbar).

2. Adjust the question type to Numeric.

3. Use the Question header for any specific instructions on form or online question area if needed.

Note: There is a 500 character limit on question headers.

4. Enter the answer. If more than one version of the answer is acceptable, select Add Another Answer and use Partial Credit to adjust point values.

5. If a range of answers is acceptable, enter the % Tolerance and review the range of acceptable answers.

Note: If no tolerance is needed there must be a 0 in the field.

6. After completing any additional customization Save and Close.

Use Next and Previous to navigate to other question to edit as needed.

Review Student Responses

Numeric questions are auto-graded, but can be reviewed. Review both scanned form responses and online responses in the Responses tab.

1. Review collect responses By Question to quickly go over auto-graded responses.

2. Provide specific Feedback on a student's response to provide additional clarification.