In Progress Filter

In progress only shows assignments that are being done in the Student Portal. Once a student starts the assignment, but has not yet turned in will be visible in the In Progress filter.

In Progress Filter

Progress is viewed in the Responses tab. The In Progress filter will help provide insight into where students are in regard to the completion of the assignment.
Note: Updated progress is displayed after the browser has been refreshed.

Select In Progress from the filters on the left below the scan window.

Student information includes: Student ID and Class, questions missed of the completed questions, number of questions remaining, and last activity. Hover over the Question Left to view the percentage completed.

Quick Tip: Switch the filter view between In Progress and Turned In assignments. Select the quick view button from the toolbar.

Show Details

To view detailed information about a student's progress in the portal.

Note: Show Details in the In Progress Filter is only available for School/District Gradient subscription.

Toggle on the Show Details on toolbar.

Details Explanations:

  1. Response given by student
  2. In parentheses, the correct response or points available for question, based on the Question Type
  3. Unanswered: Questions that have not been answered
  4. Teacher will grade: Used for Rubric or Points questions that require score from the teacher.

Teacher Turn In

Teachers can Turn In the assignment for each student that did not submit during the assignment open window.

Check the box next to the student(s), then select Turn In on the toolbar.