Multiple Choice Questions

When creating a Multiple-Question assignment, all questions will default to multiple choice questions to start but can be edited. This article will cover how:

  • Questions can be customized to match your key, adjusting the character options, point value, and available answers.
  • Questions can be modified to work with different question types.
  • Multiple choice questions can be setup to auto-grade, meaning once the response has been submitted by a student it will be automatically graded for the assignment based on the key.
  • Adding the answer key

    By default questions are multiple-choice with answer options ABCDE. Select the correct answer for each question if this format matches your key. If not, skip to the next section.

    1. Create a Multiple-Question Assignment.

    2. Click on the correct answer bubble for each question.

    Multiple Choice GIF

    Customize a Multiple Choice Question

    Start with a Multiple-Question Assignment and then edit questions:

    1. From the Keys tab, select the question to open the question editor window (or check the box next to the question to Edit via the toolbar).

    2. Adjust the question type to Multiple Choice if needed.

    3. Enter custom alphanumeric characters for answer options. Up to 10 characters may be used.

    4. Click to select the correct answer for the question.

    By default the point value will be 1 point, adjust as needed. See the article on Partial Credit to adjust point values for alternate answer options.

    5. After completing any additional customization Save and Close.

    Use Next and Previous to navigate to other questions to edit as needed.

    Alternate Answer Choices by Row

    Quickly edit to alternate the answer options for the assignment key.

    1. Navigate to the assignment Key to change questions in mass for alternating answer choices. Click the down arrow next to the Select All Checkbox above the questions. Choose Select Even.

    2. Select Edit from the toolbar. With multiple questions selected, you will be editing all selected questions at the same time.

    3. Enter the alternating characters that you wish to use. For example: FGHIJ

    4. Select Save and Close. Deselect the questions by clicking the Select All Checkbox. Then click to select the correct answers for each question.

    Be sure to deselect the multiple questions before entering the answers, or all questions will have the same selected answer.