Manually Add Students

This article is intended for Teachers under a Teacher Premium/Free Trial or Teacher Free plan that need to add students before using their assignments within Gradient. Jump ahead to segment 0:43 in the video below or follow the steps in this article to add students to an existing class.

Important note – Teachers within a School/District subscription get to use class and student rosters managed by their Gradient System Admin/Lead to keep the assignments and data connected across the plan and allow for integrations with Canvas, Schoology, Google Classroom, and LockDown Browsers (See Plan Overview).

Manually add students to a class.

Important Note: If you're a Teacher Premium subscriber that has elected to sync your rosters, the 'Edit' button will not be available. Contact if you need assistance with managing students.

Select the "Classes" tab.

Select the class for which you want to add students.

Select the "New" button.

Select "Create New Student" from the drop-down menu.

Fill in the required fields and select the "Save" button.

Note: It is highly recommended to use unique Student IDs (their District ID is a good choice). Once a Student ID number is used it can not be used again for another student. Generic IDs can be used for GradeCam IDs and can be reused each year.

Repeat steps 3 - 5 for each student in the class.