Managing Attachments

Add attchments for students to view in Student Portal

Adding Attachments

Add an Attachment

Note: Attachments must be in PDF format for use at the student portal.

Select the "Assignments" tab.

Choose the assignment for which you want to add an attachment.

Select the "Keys" tab (1) and then select the "Attachments" button (2).

Select the "Upload" button and browse to the file you wish to attach.

Note: Only PDF files can be uploaded and the maximum file size of a single PDF is 10MB.  However, you can upload more than one document so breaking up a large file into several smaller files is an option. Being able to add multiple documents is useful in providing the instructional material for the student to read and then a different attachment with questions about what they read as their assignment.

After uploading the documents, place a check in the Show in Student Portal (PDFs only) box.

Click the "Save" button