Managing Versions

If multiple versions were created for an assignment, teachers have the option for those versions to be randomly assigned, students may select, or specifically select the version to be assigned online for classes or specific students. This is helpful when needing to assign a specific test version for a specific student that may need accommodations or a modified assignment.

Assigning Versions Online

When multiple versions and variations are available for an assignment, they may be randomly or specifically assigned to classes or specific students.

Be sure to manage the attachments for the versions or variations as needed. Then Assign to the Student Portal for class(es) or specific student(s).

After selecting classes or students, set the Version option. This option is only available if there are multiple versions created for the key.

  • Random: Will randomly assign a version to the student when they start the assignment.
  • Student will select: Students will have the option to select the version when starting the assignment.
  • Named Version (based on how versions were nameb): Will assign the specific assignment version.
  • If there are multiple variations within a version, there will be an option to chose from all versions or the version group either random or student selection.