Manage Access Groups

Access Group Navigation

To manage access groups and permissions for staff, visit your account menu and choose Admin Mode. If you are a Gradient System Administrator you will see Access Groups in your toolbar or More menu. The three default Access Groups display on the page with a count of members already included in each group.

  • Gradient users who started subscriptions prior to July 2022, will also see a list of custom access groups that represent the roles previously used for designating system permissions.
  • Change Staff Membership within a Group

    From the Access Groups page, select the Staff sub-tab. Here you will see a table showing a list of names, email addresses, associated schools, and access groups. The table can be searched and sorted (using the column headers with arrows) to find a staff member and edit their Access Group membership.

    Edit an Access Group

    You can edit the name of a custom access group, change the bundle of permissions applied to the access group, or create your own access group. The default access groups cannot be edited.

    To make a custom access group, either clone an existing access group or use the + New Access Group button to start from scratch.

    1. Select the Access Group you want to edit. Select the pencil icon to edit the name or description of the access group.

    2. To change the permissions for an access group, refer to the Gradient Permissions List, or expand the permission categories.

    3. Check or uncheck the permissions you want to enable for the access group.

    Delete an Access Group

    To delete an Access Group, use the Trash icon in the Access Group list. Deleting an access group will remove the permissions granted to the staff members associated to the group.

    FAQs for Access Groups

      What permissions belong under each default access group?
  • Review Gradient Permissions here.

    • I can't add a staff member to an access group, what am I missing?
  • Verify the staff member has been added to Gradient and has accepted their invite.

    • Why can't the staff member assigned to the access group see what I see?
  • Verify the school or district association for the staff member. Some permissions require a district association in order for the checked permission for the access group to apply.