Account Login Options

How do I login?

Before you login, check your email for a login invite from This email will walk you through creating a password for your school subscription account or signing in using a current password already connected to your email. This email invite can be sent or re-sent by your school/district Gradient Admin.
Individual teacher accounts can log in after an account has been created via Gradient Sign Up.

Where do I log in?

Once you have accepted your login invite, you can visit the website to log in using the options described below.

Login Options

Log in with your Email
  1. Enter the Email Address that was used to create the Gradient account.
  2. Enter the Password that was used to create your account.
  3. Select Log in as a teacher button.

Log in with Single Sign-On (SSO) Options
  1. Select the Google button to authenticate with Google.
  2. Select the Clever button to authenticate with your school’s Clever credentials to log in.
  3. Select the ClassLink button to authenticate with ClassLink.

    If you aren't able to connect to Gradient using one of these methods, refer to the login invite information above and connect with your School/District Gradient System Leader or IT Staff to help troubleshoot.

Login Troubleshooting

1. Forgot your password. Password Help

2. Contact Support. Provide the following information: Full name, email connected to Gradient account, indicate if logging in with email, Google, Clever, or ClassLink, and name of school/district.

Password Help

Request a password reset to be sent to the account owner.

1. Select Forgot password?

2. Enter the email address to Request a Reset. An email with a reset link will be sent to create a new password. Note: If you do not see the email in your inbox shortly, check your SPAM folder.