Import Students with a File


Import students to a class from a file that has been exported from another program. Accepted file formats are CSV, TSV, XLS and XLSX.

Note: If your school/district is already doing an import for classes and students, any manually added class or students will not be connected to the school/district account.

*Importing students begins at 1:20.*

01. Create the student import file.

Note: The class list must have at least the first name, last name, and ID number for each student (student ID must be unique for each student and cannot be edited). The first and last names of the student must be in two separate columns.

1.1 Open the application containing the class information and export the list. You will want to remove any blank rows that may appear between the header row and the first student listed. (A header row is not required.)

1.2 A unique Student ID is required for all students, but the GradeCam ID can be the same as the Student ID. It is highly recommended to use unique Student IDs (their District ID is a good choice). Once a Student ID number is used it can not be used again for another student. Generic IDs can be used for GradeCam IDs and can be reused each year.

02. Choose the class to import the students.

Note: Only one file is able to be imported to one class at a time.

2.1 Log into your account and select the "Classes" tab.

2.2 Select the class for which you want to add students.

2.3 Select the "New" button.

2.4 Select "Import Students" from the drop-down menu.

2.5 Drag or select the file from your device.

03. Upload the student file

3.1 Select the header row and then choose the "Next" button.

3.2 If the file does not have a header row, select "No header" and then choose the "Next" button.

3.3 Map the data fields to the columns and select the "Next" button.

Note: A GradeCam ID column is not required. The Student ID can be mapped to the GradeCam ID field if no GradeCam ID column is in the import file.

3.4 Preview the information and select the "Run Import" button.

3.5 Confirm the import by clicking on "Run Import" button again. As noted in the import window, this can not be undone.

3.6 Verify the import was completed and select the "Done" button.

3.7 Check the class to see if all students have been imported.

04. Helpful Information

Add repeated questions from support to help clarify. Kind of an FAQ.