Gradient Badge Awards

GradeCam celebrates usage of Gradient through a badging achievement system. Teachers and leaders can earn badges as they grow into features and level up their skills.

Badge Overview

Gradient users can earn badges as they master features that support assessment cycles, student agency, and collaboration. There are currently 3 levels of badge achievements:

  1. Bright Beginners
  2. Soaring to Success
  3. Frequent Flyers

Badge Achievement Levels

Badges will appear within Gradient as a pop-up celebration with the option to download the image to print or share. Badge achievers will also receive opportunities to send feedback to our Product team and join our active group of Teach It Forward contributors.

Bright Beginners

The Bright Beginners level encompasses the three main tasks a new user will complete in using Gradient within the first 3-6 months to drive improved learning outcomes with students.

Gradient leaders could set a goal for staff to earn 3 out of the 4 badges within a specific timeframe of Getting Started with Gradient.

Soaring to Success

The Soaring to Success level encompasses the three main tasks an experienced user will complete in using Gradient within the first 6-9 months to increase student agency and provide feedback about learning.

Gradient teachers could collaborate around common skills or standards classes are struggling with and create common formatives or exit tickets.

Leaders could celebrate student and staff use of Gradient to target skills or standards of focus.

Frequent Flyers

The Frequent Flyers level encompasses the extension tasks an experienced user will complete in using Gradient within the first year to become more efficient and go deeper with expanding their own proficiency.

Gradient teachers earning this level may be your All-Stars or Trainers on site.

Teach It Forward

Our Teach It Forward candidates are often badge achievers too! They share lessons learned and tips for success when using Gradient within their subject areas and grade spans.

  • To learn from our Teach It Forward participants, check out the webinars on-demand for topics that most interest you.
  • To share your expertise as a Teach It Forward panelist, complete this quick survey.