GradeCam Helper Installation

Grade Transfer requires the installation of GradeCam Helper extension/add-on for Chrome and Firefox web browsers.

Install GradeCam Helper

The first time you select 'Transfer' In Chrome and Firefox you will be prompted to install the GradeCam Helper extension/add-on.
Note: Currently grade tansfer does not work in Safari.

Select assignment.

Select 'Transfer' from the toolbar

Settings window will open. Select the 'Install GradeCam Helper'

GradeCam Helper window opens, select 'Install Extension' (Chrome) or 'Install Addon' (Firefox)
Follow the prompts to add the GradeCam Helper using the browser prompts.

After GradeCam Helper has been added it will be located in the extension menu (Chrome) or the Add-On menu (Firefox)
Chrome Extension
Firefox Addon “App

Navigate back to assignment.

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