Share to Google Classroom


  • 1. Prepare Assignment for Student Portal
  • 2. Share to Google Classroom
  • 3. Next Steps

Staff can share an online assignment setup for the Gradient Student Portal with Google Classroom. This gives students the ability to enter the online assignment directly through Google Classroom.

Prepare Assignment for Student Portal

1. Select an existing assignment or create a new assignment.

2. Add attachments to the assignment for online delivery.

3. Add Online Access for specific class(es) or student(s)

Share Online Access from Student Portal

1. After saving online access settings, see the Online Access List. Select the Google Classroom icon to share to connected Google Classroom.

Note: The same link can be used for all classes or specific students.

2. Choose the class to share the assignment to.

3. Add instructions for the assignment, adjust the points as needed, then select Assign.

Scores from Gradient do not automatically transfer to the Google Classroom gradebook, but teachers may use the Grade Transfer to import scores once the class has completed the assignment.